Want your hands and nails look stunning this season? There’s nothing more natural than a fashionable color at the edges of your fingers. Nowadays nail polish work like jewelry or accessory. It must correspond to the outfit you’re wearing. What’s hot this Summer? Which colors will look best with your everyday clothes? See out tips and inspirational images!

Oranges & Metallic Copper Shades

These shades are on the top of the list. Wear them for everyday with your favourite jeans and white T-shirt. Mix warm oranges with dark colors and plain surfaces. Choose black, dark blue or dark green. Bright colors like whites, ivory or ecru colors are also a perfect match. Don’t forget about glowing golden or silver jewelry near the hands!

Orange-Yellow, Lime, Yellow

Sunny colors and lime yellows look stunning on a strongly taned skin. And are a good choice for those who have dark-colored hair. Limes, yellows and oranges are great to wear at the beach and will rock your Summer!

Rose, Fuchsia, Sparkly Pink

Sparkly pink and fuchsia are a perfect match with your little black dress. Wear these shades for special occasions and with stylish clothing. Metallic or plain, matte nail polish are ideal for an evening date or business meeting. Put a similar lipstick shade on your lips, and you’ll have a perfect composition of colors.

Baby Blue, Aquamarine, Glowing Dark Blue, Cobalt

Blues are becoming more and more fashionable. Blonds and those with fair skin look best with their nails in baby blue and cobalt. Dark and olive skins should choose dark blues and aquamarine.

Glittery Silver & Silver

Don’t forget about little sparkles on your nails. There are many different nail polish which give your hands look like real jewelry. You won’t need any bracelets or rings for special occasions. Silver nails are one of the most wanted this summer!

Neutral, French Manicure

The most fashionable nails are neutral nails. Well treated and perfectly painted work like your best business card. If you don’t like strong colors on your nails, just do a french manicure or get a beige shade. It’s so simple!