Become a Skin Care Expert

People need experts to teach them proper care and maintenance for a beautiful and healthy appearance. If you enjoy helping people look and feel more beautiful, a career as an esthetician—or skin care therapist—is an exciting choice with lots of professional opportunities.


From working in health and beauty spas, salons, dermatological offices and more, you’ll be able to provide personalized treatment options to your clients which include

  • skin evaluations
  • ingredient technology
  • proper makeup application
  • lash extensions
  • peels, masks, scrubs
  • facial massage

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  • Develop a profound understanding of technical and professional skills necessary to launch your barbering career.

  • Build your own brand and to understand how to market yourself as barbers in order to build a strong clientele.

  • With the support of our education, you will be prepared to take your state exam and get your barbering career started.

Do What You Love

Learn the right skills and techniques and build your own brand, clientele, and network.

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