Let’s face it, it’s never fun to wake up early and rush to get out the door. Whether you’re exhausted from the night before or simply running late, we’re giving you the best beauty hacks for your morning routine!

1. The one and done face wash

Too lazy to wash your face in the morning? Keep face wipes by your bed. Just roll over, swipe your face with a wipe and voila, step one in your beauty process is complete!

2. Tired be gone

Didn’t get much sleep last night or had a long night out with friends? Have no fear hide those tired eyes with a white or nude eyeliner to give those eyes a pop and no one will suspect that you’re feeling exhausted! Pro tip: Sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of one can help reduce puffiness.

3. Liner and lashes in one

Yes, you read that right! Get your liner and lashes done in one step with this easy hack: Line your eyelash curler with your favorite eyeliner, curl those lashes and you’re done! Pro tip: Avoid liquid eyeliner as it smudges too easily

4. Smell good all day long

Don’t you hate when your perfume seems like it disappears within minutes after applying it? We’ve got you covered! Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before putting your perfume on to make it last longer!

5. One and done

If you’re in a rush, play up either your eyes or lips but never both. If you want to play up your lips, try applying a light pencil in the center of your lips to give them a fuller look!

6. Lengthen those lashes

Want those luscious long lashes but don’t have the time to apply them? Try using a cotton swab with baby powder and dab on your lashes in between mascara applications and you’ll have those long thick lashes without the glue!

7. Ditch the towel

Need to get a jump start on your hair? Try drying it with a t-shirt instead of a towel and see how quickly your hair will be ready to be styled!

8. When in doubt bun it up

For a quick and easy hairstyle, throw your hair up in a messy bun and a scarf headband and voila! A chic and easy hairstyle for those mornings you can’t deal with styling your hair. Pro tip: No time for a bun? Put a hat on it!

9. Ditch the mascara

Putting mascara on in a rush can end up in a mess. Instead, use some Vaseline on your lashes. It’ll make them look longer and thicker without the mess. Even better, it helps moisturize your lashes and encourages growth!

10. Curl it out

If you absolutely must curl your hair in the morning, here’s an easy trick to get it done in just 2 minutes. Yes, we said two! Separate your hair into two high pony tails (4 for thicker hair) curl one section, and then the other. Shake out your hair and let the effortless curls flow! There you have it, these 10 tips will have you looking fabulous when you’re feeling tired in the morning or running late. Have any tips that we missed? Share them below!