There is so much going on in the fashion world that sometimes it is hard to keep your head on straight. What is in style now? Should I wear this with that? Does this look good on me? What do I wear to the party this weekend? So many questions, so little time. Lucky for you, we have a handful of our favorite fashion tips to help you along as you figure it all out.

1. When in doubt, wear black

This one may be obvious but your little black dress is your best friend! Not only is it slimming, but it also versatile. It can be dressed up or down by pairing it with different accessories.

2. Add a pop of color

The best way to liven up a fairly neutral outfit is to add a pop of color, such as a bright colored handbag. It adds some fun dimension to your look and it is a nice change from the standard black or brown bag.

3. It's a balancing act

It is always good to keep your outfits proportionate. For example, if you’re wearing an oversized top, pair it with some slimmer bottoms and vise versa. This will help your figure look more balanced.

4. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Don’t be afraid to play up your favorite feature. Got killer arms and shoulders? Try a halter top that shows them off. If you love your legs, rock a mini skirt. Highlight the features you love about yourself instead of stressing about the features you don’t like.

5. Layer like a pro

The greatest way to change up your look without spending a dime is by layering pieces you already own in different ways. You can come up with a bunch of new outfits by throwing a jacket over a dress or layering a sweater over a button down shirt.

BONUS: Forget the rules!

Of all the tips we just gave you, here is our favorite…If you like it, wear it! Fashion is about experimenting with new looks, having fun, feeling good, and being happy. So, wear what makes you feel fabulous! We know there are so many more fashion tips out there that we didn’t include. What are some of your favorite tips?