The results of maintaining a healthy diet, is gorgeous hair, and that hair will always be a reflection of how much you value yourself, and your health. Nutritional deficiencies result in dryness, brittleness, and hair loss.

Finding foods that can make not only your hair healthy and strong, but help you to maintain a healthy diet is not as hard as you may think. Simply understanding the benefits of certain foods will help to keep you healthier and looking fabulous, longer.

Combine your diet, with exercise, and get plenty of sleep, to create a power punch combination that will maximise hair growth, and leave you will full, beautiful hair.

1. Protein

If you have a regular fitness routine established already, with a focus on building muscle, then you understand the importance of protein already, but how does protein affect your hair health? By strengthening the shaft of your hair, and reducing hair loss by snapping or splitting. Not taking in sufficient amounts of protein over a long period of time can cause significant hair loss.

Foods high in protein include:
● Soy
● Tofu
● Dairy Products
● Cheese
● Nuts
● Beans

2. Essential Fatty Acids

Any word that contains the word fat tends to be looked down by most, but the body needs fats in order to function properly. Specialized fats called Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are good fats that help to maintain function and health. They also aid in improving the texture of dry and brittle hair.

Essential Fatty Acids in foods:
● Legumes
● Fresh Nuts
● Oil Seeds
● Spirulina
● Flaxseed Oil
● Pumpkin Seeds

3. Vitamins

Vitamin A
Beta-carotene, is important for a healthy scalp and growth.

● Green and Yellow Vegetables and Fruits
● Sweet Potatoes
● Broccoli
● Apricots

Vitamin E
Circulation is essential for your overall health, but offers hair health and growth a significant boost. Vitamin E increases oxygen intake and improves on the circulation making it a must have in your diet.

● Avocados
● Rice Bran
● Nuts
● Dark Green Veggies
● Legumes
● Whole Grains

Vitamin K
Although less known, Vitamin K is a great addition to your diet, for not only hair health but a lifestyle boost as well and can be found in several foods.

● Dairy
● Figs
● Asparagus
● Brussel Sprouts
● Dark Green Leafy Veggies
● Rye

Vitamin B
Eradicate split ends with a diet rich in Vitamin B. Linked to hair loss, biotin deficiency is a nightmare for those concerned with with hair growth and health. Foods high in Biotin include:

● Brown Rice
● Green Peas
● Lentils
● Oats
● Walnuts

Vitamin C
Probably the most well known of Vitamins, vitamin C does play a role not only in your hair health, but in hair color as well. Incorporate a sufficient amount of Vitamin C in your diet for strong, supple strands. As an antioxidant, vitamin C promotes cell and tissue repair and gives that immune system a boost every once in a while.

● Citrus Fruits
● Berries
● Brussel Sprouts
● Cucumbers
● Tomato
● Red Peppers

4. Minerals

Your body will build more hair proteins naturally with Zinc in your diet, which will help with keeping your hair conditioned and healthy. Zinc stimulates growth through immunity, and without enough Zinc in your body, you will suffer from hair loss, and a difficulty in growing your hair.

● Legumes
● Mushrooms
● Non-Fat Dry Milk
● Spinach
● Whole Grains
● Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

A mineral that carries oxygen to your hair, should one such mineral really have to be explained? You need Iron to keep your hair and follicles from starving from oxygen deprivation. To keep each strand happy, resulting in a beautiful head of hair overall, add foods rich in iron to your diet.

● Dark Green Vegetables
● Whole Grains
● Iron Supplements

5. Water

Often overlooked, the simplest way to clean your body overall and to maintain shiny, strong, and beautiful hair is the one thing you need to get enough of to maintain full body function. A glass of water (at least 8 a day to be exact). Water not only hydrates, but flushes your body of pollutants that may be affecting your hair growth resulting in silky, shiny hair.

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