About the average American workforce.

Here’s a not-so-fun-fact: A study done just a few years ago in 2013 shows that over 70% of Americans polled either hate their job, or are very disengaged from their work. That’s 70% of you and me! That’s huge, right?

Now, what if I say to you that you could quit that very unfulfilling, unsatisfying, and mediocre day job – and be an artist for a living? Yep – and actually do it without costing you an arm and a leg? And also have a great shot at making some serious money? If that’s not enough, what if I say to you that you could win yourself a great career… And… (Drumroll) – also lose that nagging boss all at once? THAT would give you the lacking ‘oomph’ in life, wouldn’t it?

Hairdressers are Artists. Period.

Regardless of what brings one to the career of hairdressing, the profession has a foundation of artistry and creativity. Hairdressers are always on the front line of the trend-setters, and it’s a beautiful craft that gives the gift of elegance, allure, and glamour to their clients.

When we’re having a particularly great hair day, we say that we feel like we’re rocking a ‘salon finish hair’! It gives us confidence; and confidence is a very powerful thing that can do wonders to our systems. What a good hairdresser can do to our hair, is unexplainably beautiful – and being on the ‘giving’ end of it, can be an awesome & vigorous feeling.

The swag we have when we put a foot outside of the salon… and the dash & spirit we feel in the days that follow… are nothing short of forceful & winning! Our hair literally stands above our shoulders; so rocking a well-cut-and-finished hair can take the outer beauty to the next level, while immensely complementing the inner beauty.

Cosmetology can bring out the hidden artist in you

Learning to become a hairdresser is choosing an outlet for your creativity and artistry in the form of true beauty.  Whether you’re a kind of person that lets your hair just hang there meaninglessly, or someone that spends hours brushing, combing, braiding, and generally playing with it – a course in cosmetology can bring out the hidden artist in you. Hairdressing isn’t only about mending the mane – its about putting your best craft forward to give a true essence to beauty.

A blank canvas can either be splattered with blobs of colors, it can be pencil-sketched, or oil-painted. Which one to pick, depends on the subject of the artist’s audience. Cosmetology gives you that power to look through the client’s profile, see the end result, and then put your best craft forward to create that winning image. Cosmetology training at Sylvian Melloul International Hair Academy gives that power to you. SMIHA’s hands-on program prepares you to give fierce cuts & color, but also in building your own brand, clientele, and forming new relationships.

Worried about paying for the course? SMIHA’s financial aid programs make it less of a burden –  and instead a breeze. More power to you!

So if you’re one of the 70% of the American population that isn’t happy at work, you find yourself cursing the bad boss on your way home, and you also find yourself spending more and more time at work, but very little with what matters – your family. If you’re one of that 70%, its also very likely that you’re always on the lookout for the next best opportunity to ditch the boss – only to find yet another one that you don’t respect. Why not learn the trade of cosmetology, and be your own boss? Why not be that boss that your future staff will look up to? Again, that’d give you the lacking oomph in life, wouldn’t it?

Do yourself a favor – you deserve it!