Oh Hello Spring! We’ve been waiting for you – quite desperately at times. Finally the days of hiding our split-ends inside a bun is officially over. With the gorgeous cherries popping up lighting up the town, it’s time our hair resonates with it too!

Unless you’ve completed our unique hairdressing program from SMIHA, taming your mane might be a serious everyday battle. We’ve all had those terrible mornings when our hair just won’t participate, or when we’re running super-late, or we just don’t have time to heat-style our hair. Kick out the bad hair days with these tips & tricks to nail a healthy hair look this season, with half the effort – and welcome Spring in style!

Keen to swiftly add more volume to your everyday ponytail?

No need to fuss around with extensions in distress! Tie all your hair from above the ears into a top ponytail, and the rest of the hair into another ponytail directly beneath the first. Tease the top one a little to ‘hide’ part of the ponytail beneath.

Frustrated with the little baby-hairs sticking out?

Try spraying a toothbrush with strong hold hairspray & comb down those cowlicks to let them stay put with the bulk of your hair. For a super strong hold, try using L’Oréal EverStyle Strong-Hold Styling Spray, it’ll also boost great shine!

Wish your hair appeared more voluminous?

Use a colored dry shampoo. Start the spray on your part, and then section through the hair. When the roots are all sprayed, rub with your fingers through the hair which helps the shampoo absorb the grease. Ruffle your roots a little, play with the locks and voila!

Want you hair to be glistening & glorious?

The trick to nailing swoon-worthy style starts with healthy hair. As obvious as it sounds, it’s surprising how many people ditch the conditioner. Conditioning your hair reinstates moisture back into it leaving it sleek, lustrous, and dazzling. We recommend to always condition your hair after washing; and only condition the ends – to avoid greasy roots. Deep-condition it every other week. Remember, the hair you’re rocking literally stands head & shoulders above you.

Tangles tearing your hair?

Yes – its enticing to use a brush.. just because. Nah – because its faster, we know. But using a wide tooth comb, or a detangling brush will remove tangles better, and keep your hair from being mangled & damaged. Begin at the ends, and work your way up slowly.

Not sure what products to use?

Respect your hair, and avoid any products that contain alcohol, as it turns to dry out your hair and make it more prone to tangling. Rather, go for natural, sulfate & alcohol free products. We recommend L’Oréal Ever Collection – they’re Alcohol-free, Paraben, Wax, and Sulfate -Free, and 100% Vegan!

Have a knack for styling? Start your hair career with SMIHA

If you have a passion for hair styling, why not turn it into a career? Sylvain Melloul International Hair Academy’s Hands-on and Unique approach to learning hairdressing & cosmetology in a real-life salon setting will help you build confidence.