Whether you’re a permanently long hair girl, or someone who switches between the long and the short – you already know that wearing long hair can add a substantial amount of time to maintain and upkeep. It’s like eating a pomegranate – you end up spending thrice as much time cutting and hacking through the fruit, than eating itself.

As trendsetters and trainers, we get to meet with a lot of women in the academy who flaunt their gorgeous long locks, but also have a love-and-hate relationship with their hair. We hear a lot about how they think chopping it off would be so liberating. We hear a lot about how they’ve brooded over gorgeous pictures of a celebrity rocking a short bob, and imagined their own faces being framed by that hair. And we also hear from others with short hair who would bet on a sinking ship if they could instantly have a beautiful silky long hairdo. The thing is – us humans like to have what we don’t have.

Now you don’t have to think you’re too much of a chicken to snip inches off your long locks. Just sling it up in a messy bun! It’s one of the styles that never goes out of style! Many celebrities have pulled off Messy Buns in the most stylish way!

So for those who would like to keep the locks – we’ve put together the four types of Messy Buns that you’ll find work like a magic, every time!

1: Big Loose Hair Buns

A super big bun with loose and messy look is one that takes very little time to achieve – and one that is perfect for a lazy Sunday, catching up with girls for brunch or a stroll around the shops. Mind you, this is a look that has been worn over the red carpet too, so this look has no limits! Some tricks are to use your fingers loosely work the hair-up, and don’t aim for a perfect bun, for its meant to look low-effort, lazy & messy. You may also want to leave some loose strands around your face.

2: Messy Sock Bun

You’re aiming for more voluminous look, but don’t have enough hair to give you that? Go for this bun that easily wraps around a hair donut, or a rolled sock. Also you can achieve both neat, and messy look with this bun. Leave some loose strands around your face, and at the nape of your neck. Gently pull on the hair around the bun to get the fun and breezy look.

3: Two Side Bun

If you’re unsatisfied with one, well – you can certainly have two! If you remember, stars like Gwen Stefani and Spice Girls made these twin-buns super popular in the 90’s. Now they’re back, and they’re in the middle of edgy & cute!

You can either do a clean and symmetrical part, or not – this look is unbelievably easy to achieve. Once parted and tied, you can twist the hair around the hair-tie, and then tuck it or pin it in place. Just give it a couple of tries, and you’ll triumph. Warning: you may not want to go back to other styles!

4: Low Messy Side Bun

Keen for a little classy look? Don’t have the time to put in all the effort to achieve that? You’re safe with a low messy side bun. It is a complete low maintenance style that is sure to show some elegance and class, if paired with the right outfits and look. Rock it for a special occasion, or a casual day out, the style is flawless and ageless. This is even more so for those of you who think you have one “better side” than the other – tactically place your low bun on the same side, and you’re ready to pose for some great photos! Tip: Twist the hair around itself, loosely, and secure it behind one ear. Pin and tuck the ends well, with one or two pins.